Moments of joy in the community

Our communities must be joy communities

This is a day for renewing the vows of one of our young professed in Notre Dame du Rosaire community in Yaundé, Cameroon.

We believe in religious life, we believe that our convents are places of prayers and pity only, of sacrifices for resembling Christ’s suffering, places where we should resolve conflicts and our differences, which usually put us under tension, places where we should tell our people and our own misery, etc.

We forget that our community must be -above all- a place to laugh together, make jokes and make fun of ourselves.

Our convents are a place where everybody can show their talents as humorist, musicians…

Our convents are places where a good cold beer can allow us to spend beautiful fraternity moments.

Our convents are places where everybody remembers dance steps of our culture, as our dear sister Isabel Zabalza here, sharing her joy and love on her birthday.

Our international community, intertribal and interracial community is giving its donation.

LET US KNOW AND SHARE OUR JOY, leaving our misery aside. Otherwise, we will risk of being sad sisters and sad sisters is not what the world needs. It needs our smile, joy, hope and good humor.


Sister Silatchom Marie Claire

Yaoundé community, Camerron

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