Leadership and context

Christ encouraged us with an example of limitless sacrifice. This testimony may seem to be resignified in our current context. Our leaderships require to pay attention to basic needs such as listening, welcoming, service and merciful gaze. It is vital to irradiate a humanizing leadership in the middle of these social, values and health crisis.

The evangelizing exercise of attending with dedication and disposition to our children underlines not only a leadership style, but also it goes deeper into a Christian look that is attentive to pain and scarcity. This look sensitizes, dignifies, and personalizes. Every homogenization and every standarizing practice that intends to hide any human being’s life is left aside. Christ was where he had to be, where are we? What is calling us during these crisis times?

The power’s exercise should stand and be valued above symmetric dialogue. Our society has neglected this principle. Probably, something from this is reflected on the walls and streets’ demands.

Leadership is dynamic and it makes sense in every context. This takes us to look with distance panaceas and recipes. It is necessary to know our context, sound out and explore the lives of our communities in order to make visible faces, lives and silenced anxieties. This exposure takes us necessarily to undress our prejudices, arrogance and monophonies.

The attitude of a father who does not condemn, who embraces with open arms and who loves uninterested seems to be the paragon for modeling a personalized and transforming leadership.

Johnny Ascensio Arce

Principal of Nuestra Senora de Ayquina school


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