Prayer in times of coronavirus

Father and Mother of all creation

God of mercy and compassion

Today your daughters and sons, who you have tattooed on the palm your hands,

Cry out to you, from our fragility

From this deep via crucis we are suffering as humanity


Give strength and protection to all health care workers who expose their lives to save the lives of others.

Give intelligence and wisdom to all the scientists who are working on to find a cure for this disease.


Move the consciousness of the leaders of our countries,

so that they prioritize the lives of their people before the capital.

Comfort those who have lost their loved ones,

take care of the poorest, may they never lack our love.


Infuse us with compassion, closeness to those who suffer,

trust and hope in this bitter moments.


Our humanity falls under the weight of this hard cross.

Raise us up with the strength of your spirit,

May we be reborn as better human beings.


In YOU we trust

Because we know you never abandon the work of your hands.

May the prayer we address you, Father and Mother of love, embraces and reaches all of us in a universal communion.



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