Welcome to the web portal of the Dominican Missionary Sisters of the Rosary

Full of joy we invite you to visit our new web portal, let’s share the good news with our contacts and invite them to be part of this great family!

For us this is an opportunity, an open window for continuing our mission to those who surf the net. The beautiful and diversified presences we have in the world are worth communicating them. Every action, even the smallest one is a signal, a gesture that speaks and that it can transform the look from others.

It is also a preaching space for announcing Jesus’ good news. In it we can find news, reflections and resources.

We want you to feel as if you were at home in our web portal and that you can contribute with your articles, information, activities and reflections, which can reward many others.

We want this web portal to be a space for solidarity and connection with the realities of hope and suffering of our peoples.

As the Pope Francis tell us “In the middle of the confusion of the voices and messages that surround us, we need a human narration that can talk about us and the beauty we possess. A narration that knows how to look at the world and the events fondly; A narration that tells that we are part of a living tissue, a narration that revels the interwoven among us, showing that we are joined

This is why we invite you to generate and share your narrations. We need them for building a liberator and encouraging net.

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