Within 24 hours, 3 couples became parents of 6 wonderful babies in our hospital ‘Notre Dame Du Rosaire De Simbok’ on April 15th.

Many times, we focus on what is wrong: water and light problems, personnel arriving late, carelessness, patients’ ingratitude, exhaustion, failure, etc. It is not easy to deal with people or to manage goods. We forget to have a positive perspective about things and to be thankful to God.

Without just focusing on these beautiful babies that you can see on the pictures, I’d love to express the joy we feel when people from Simbok trust us.

Three couples have had six wonderful babies! These three mothers gave birth six angels in 24 hours. We are 76 people now.

Surely, when comparing our numbers to other hospitals that you may know, this might be an insignificant and irrelevant number, but this is a small population, so we can say this is a record, an achievement and a great reason for being thankful to God, who deserves to see how women trust us.

In relation to Coronavirus and the 2 cases reported, activities continue; Easter in the medical center was an invigorating presence of resurrected Jesus among us, despite the confinement we are living.

Let’s trust God will continue to give us the gift of wisdom, prudence, discernment in everything we do and unconditional donation for his greater glory. “Everything is grace”

From Simbok,

Sister Marie Claire.

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