Nuestra Senora del Rosario de Yaunde community is composed by twelve members.

From March 18th we have been taken the actions suggested by the World Health Organization (WHO), the government, Cameroonians and the Catholic Church to fight against corona virus (COVID-19). We have been taking these suggestions and we decided to make the following commitment:

Each of us has a bucket of water and soap outside our houses to wash our hands after each time we go out. This is applied also for visitors. Sisters working in the hospital protect themselves as well as we do. The exterior bathroom has been designated exclusively for them. They can take a shower there, wash their clothes and dry their clothes outdoors. Each of us must also leave our shoes outside our house after each time we go out.

In relation to our spiritual life, we feel obliged to choose our yard over our chapel. During our Thursday’s worship we form three groups of four sisters in different times. We cannot forget the celebration of the word of God and the participation in media. For other communitarian activities, arrangements have been made including a limited number of sisters participating. The Ministry of Health insisted on the use of masks, which was used for us to promote a “Sewing workshop” for producing masks. The material used is fabric, compress, special nylon, rubber band…we also exercise ourselves every morning in the convent.

Here you can see dear sisters -briefly and in a very practical way- our everyday life during this lockdown. We are always with a renewed faith in Christ, we pray for sick people, scientific researchers and health workers. May our Lord accompany them and build our faith.

Nuestra Senora del Rosario Community



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