Dear Sisters

I would love to share with you the experience I have had in Spain collaborating with the congregational juniorate project. In the first place, I am thankful to the General Council for trusting me and give me the opportunity of sharing these days with the novice. From some time ago, I feel a special and urgent call: answering with the minister of healing, combining Spirituality and psychology; heal wounds and to be an instrument of the construction of God’s kingdom, living here and now.

This experience of sharing was as a flame lit that fed my called. I feel a great satisfaction and indescribable joy to have given everything I have received to our sisters. It was a rewarding experience and a great learning during preparation and execution. I have felt a constant need of enter in myself, being simple and coherent and touching all and each novices’ hearts.

In addition to sharing juniorate, I had the opportunity to visit the communities in Madrid and to visit some sisters that I had not seen in years and to meet for the first time with some others. Also, they took me to visit Pamplona. It was such grace to know the sisters who were in the missions for so many years. When they Heard that I had arrived from Peru, some sisters, who were working here, felt very excited and some of them even started to cry. I thank with all my heart to Sister Pilar Elizalde, who surprised me by taking me to Tafalla, and Javier, whose family took me to places where important people to me lived. I also thank God and the Provincial Council, who chose me for collaborating in the congregational project. May God bless them and provides grace to all of us.



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