Education within reach of countryside youth

I committed myself to accompany girls and teenagers in the “Proyecto Promocion de la mujer” (Women’s promotion project) of the Missionary Sisters of the Rosary in the boarding school “Santa Rosa” of San Ignacio, Cajamarca, because we value countryside girls’ education since it is very important for their development, especially considering the dangers that they face.


I arrived to the boarding school on March 10th, a week before the classes started. I arrived enthusiastic about preparing and organizing the house for receiving and accommodating the girls and teenagers whose parents trust in the sisters and lay people. They have a vacant position in different national schools in San Ignacio and they can come here in case they don’t have schools in their towns, or they live too far away.

We had programmed the first meeting with parents, but few people came because the classes were suspended due to covid-19, by which we need to be isolated to avoid transmission of this sad disease.

I came back to Piura to spend quarantine with my family, which will give me time to reflect about all the changes that have taken place. I think about the girls who have a different reality and do not have access to virtual education because they do not have electricity in their villages and only few of them have access to receive classes by television.

I hope that the situation of my country gets better in terms of health and education.

I say Good-bye wishing to continue supporting missionary works by the Dominican Missionary Sisters of the Rosary.

Kind Regards,

America Miranda.

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