Unforgettable holidays

I am Hilda, I work in Quito for the last 7 years and I came to Peru during the first days of March to spend my holidays and to do some paperwork, something that I was able to do just before the government declared national immobility due to Covid-19.

I am in Chiclayo in my sister’s house. From here I extend my fraternal and solidary greeting to all and each of you, because I am sure that in these moments of world pandemic, which upsets us by watching so many brothers and sisters suffering with this disease and other diseases. It is really upset when they are our relatives, friends, neighbors, health heroes, police officers, military people, firefighters and journalists putting their lives and their families’ lives in risk.

I personally feel helpless and angry when I see so many people not following government’s instructions. It seems that they do not care about their lives and others. Therefore, the government must extend the quarantine. Every day’s dawn I thank God for another day of life, and I think about my sisters who are alone. I cannot go out to visit Lambayeque’s sisters. The only thing left I have is to ask God that he takes care of all of them.

If it was not for this pandemic, I would be in my community reassuming pastoral and educational activities. It is very clear that after this pandemic our behavior will be different. We will value more life and we will take care of the nature.

This experience of being out of the religious community that has allowed me to examine my personal and community life has helped me to recognize that in difficult times we are not alone. God is present every moment, and also, we have the protection of our founding fathers. In addition, the familiar warmth reinforces the commitment of testifying that God is merciful and that he will never abandon us.

I want to finish by sharing the psalm 23, 1.4 “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want…though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; For You are with me”


Sister Hilda Granda

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