The Central American Institute of Spirituality (CEFAS in Spanish) has been doing this work for the last 25 years. It began by Father Carlos Cabarrus.  CEFAS develops an integral program in three areas: human, psychological and spiritual. It has a very complete team of professional experts who guide personal and group process of the participants.

It is very difficult to talk about my experience lived in PAF…I will try to say something. We are twelve participants, two men and ten women from different nationalities, age and congregations. From our congregation we are two sisters. Estebania from San Jose Province and myself from Santa Rosa province. During this time, we have built a Good friendship among all and we share in confidence in two groups of life.

The experience in these four months in Guatemala is very nourishing. There is no waste. This extended pandemic lockdown is a reality presented in our formation. Situations so painful and complex in the world strongly hit poorer brothers.

My expectations were to collect mi experiences during the last years of my life, but it was much more than that, because it included even before my birthday. An opportunity to check and discern God’s steps in my own walking and recognize him as the only one principle and foundation in my life. Also, it was an opportunity to reaffirm my option for life and as a Christian woman an option for poor people being sure that something new is getting started, an inspiring and enjoyable for everybody. Another world os possible: new heaven and new earth.

Bioenergetic, personal growth, Ignacian spiritual retreat (for a month) and historical commitment workshops as well as sexuality and tool for accompanying were very experiential and valuable, they helped me to recognize my fragile, hurt and vulnerable aspect of myself. At the same time, I accept and thank the qualities that exist in my own well fed by my goodness, beauty and truth that flows from my spring and only font of life: God. All this for keep on loving and serving God and the brothers and sisters and nature with a compassionate look and a generous heart.

I thank God and the sisters from the council of my province for giving me this opportunity.

Irene Farro Bernal.

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