A reflection is shared with us from the Philippines

The Asian continental novitiate in Manila shares with us the following reflection:

The Silent Master
In the day there was a great master, who is silent and extremely brilliant.
He started his trip from Wuhan to Italy and now he is everywhere.
While he arrives to a country the whole world participates, crying with sadness.
He took some lives in silence.
Many meetings, churches, schools, hotels and dormitories were shut down immediately.
The time has come, our silent master comes to the Philippines.
Every government asked: “Dear people, please stay home and stay safe.”
Everybody answered: it is hard for us to stay home. We are hungry, thirsty and naked. We have no hope.
Suddenly, we heard on the news:
Many doctors, elder and young people and men are dying in silence, as dry leaves fall in summer. What is this? Is 2020 a new life?
Oh, Master! Your visit has silenced our world and our hearts are full of fear, sorrow, anxiety, disappointment and suffering.
You have turned our joy into sorrow, what for?
You have separated humanity and they live as strangers among themselves, what for?
You build more graves than wombs.
You turned our natural spring water in desert, what for?
But…Can we learn anything from our Master instead of just looking the negative side?
Yes! Sure, we can!
God is bigger than our major crisis, he is quiet, but not sleeping!
He may have closed his eyes, but he looks at us!

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