An experience is shared with us from Peru

This community of elders is called Ascension Nicol and Ramon Zubieta. The nine sisters who form the community greet you. Some with more and others with less limitations due to our age, but we are all conscious.

We are spending our quarantine in good conditions and being wonderfully served by two paramedics, one in the day shift and the other in the night shift. In addition, there are other employees giving support.

One sister asked another sister “What can we do to help so many poor brothers and sisters? The other sister replied, “We don’t have anything to do but to pray and orate for those who suffer.”

That is what we are doing. We are offering to perform small everyday actions by joining to some Mass that is being celebrated by means of Life, Passion, Death and Resurrection of our lord Jesus Christ for the good of our Church and the whole world.

Our diocese asked us for help, because the effort made by the bishop is not enough. We have giving our contribution depriving ourselves from personal things. In addition, the parish distributes provisions. We have joined this act contributing to help in this work since it is urgent for so many poor brothers and sisters.

Our time passes among our home chores, such as cooking, sacristy, cleaning, solving crosswords, preparing liturgy for weeks, planing monthly retreats, watching movies and of course watching the news (national and international).

Tuesdays and Thursdays we meet for permanent formation and for watching on a big screen “Unidas en la Esperanza” where we learn and know how are all the sisters of the congregation. We thank the General Council for this initiative, because it promotes our union, and that is very gratifying. We have no doubt that our Founding Fathers are joined to us and they intercede for our prays, work and solidarity to be fruitful in the whole world, especially in our country, where Covid-19 has aggravated despite the extension of quarantines.

We deeply lament deaths, the pain, the suffering and loneliness of dead people and their relatives. Additionally, we also lament those who by necessity have to leave their houses every day to get what they need to survive.

The realities in our countries are very similar. We join to all our sisters in prayer placed on Jesus and our Mother of the Rosary who never abandon us.

Sister Claudia Aguayo.

Chaclayo Community.

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