Participation in the formation course ‘Preparation for Formation of Companions’ (PAF-Guatemala)

The experience of PAF (curso de Preparación para Acompañantes de la Formación, in English: course ‘Preparation for Formation of Companions’) has been a great gift received at the beginning of this year.

I want to praise the wisdom of these words: “To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven…” (Ecclesiastes 3, 1) these words I know them by heart after they were repeated over and over again by my mother and so many other wise women who have passed in my life (catechists, sisters of the congregation…).

After some time of life and mission, I have been given by God the opportunity of a recycling time. I have passed from a:

Time to run to a time to walk.

Time so speak to a time to be in silence.

Time to say to a time to listen.

Time to retain to a time to release.

In my forties, these for months have meant a step more in my process of integration in the different dimensions of life.

The course has given me a series of tools to accompany my personal and integral grow as well as other people’s grow.

And I had to live all this pandemic crisis in this context, which was appropriate for the topic to be considered in the formation program. Being a group of people from different nationalities, we were much closer in comparison to what other people were living in different countries. We live this time in harmony with the world. I understand enclosed nuns: so far and so close. This was what I experienced in this sense.

As group we grow in the sense of being a family, from trust and depth when sharing and from daily coexistence.

The slogan that collects what I have walked and my purposes for the rest of the path is:

Stand up and trust!

My expectation henceforth? To be more human, better person and better sister.

After finishing PAF, I have moved to the zone 9 community of the sisters in the capital city. I have to wait during this lockdown until borders are opened again and I can get back to Nicaragua.

In the meantime, I am involved in the communitarian dynamic and at the same time in contact and “coexisting” with my community through social network.

Estebanía Felipe Cruz.

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