Behind the Mask

Behind the mask is a patient in fear, unsure what will happen after being brought here.
Behind the mask is someone special who, was born for this moment to take care of you.
Behind the mask is someone’s son or daughter, guiding you through these unchartered waters.
Behind the mask, someone comes to you in prayer, full of mission and faith, guiding your care.
Behind the mask, someone is leading the way, planning and supporting the staff through the day.
Behind the mask someone silently prepares, clean rooms, or meals, even meds for your care.
Behind the mask someone can come where you live, bringing care, meds or equipment, more passion to give.
Behind the mask, there is one ministry for all, no role is too big, no position too small.
Behind the mask, is our promise to you, we answered the call, it’s what we were all meant to do.

Satyabhavan Community, Sohankheda, Madhya Pradesh, India.

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