And you were gone
No byes, no farewells, no lingering looks
Before even we realized you were gone
You as if seemed to be in haste.

Your warm smile
Your encouraging words
Your impatience, your eagerness
Sorely now we miss as days pass.

To God we prayed to take away your suffering
He answered rather and took you away from all sufferings.
God, we believe, whatever He does, does best and so,
We trust, you now are enjoying your eternal rest.

Remember us,
Pray that we too diligently
May run our race
And enter with you our eternal rest

Sr. Betty Cyril

A life sprinkled with Love was your life
Nothing deterred you, nothing stopped you.
Mission for you
Was reaching out to the other in love.

For you, love knew no boundary,
No colour, no language.
Love for you was life
And life was love.

You received free the love of God
You dispensed love free.
In gratitude to God you lived your life
In gratitude to God oneself, you surrendered.

“Bendito sea Dios” – Blessed be God, you mumbled even in pain
Rest in peace now dear sister for God truly has blessed you.
You, as are welcomed among the company of saints
Remember to pray for us, your loved ones whom you have left behind.

Sr. Betty Cyril

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