When COVID-19 entered the world, it has amassed put everyone’s life in danger. There are thousands and thousands of cases that World Health Organization reported daily. What is even more fearful that even on this eighth month there is no medicine nor vaccine assured, or that is confirmed as a discovered cure. There are only precautionary measures and protocols to follow in keeping us safe. 

I am anxious especially with regard with our future. Though each one varies in reasons for each anxiety, yet, basically it is because man has a poor memory of God’s promise to the world, of His concrete love for men and the Advocate that Jesus has sent to the world of His farewell discourse before His Ascension (Mt. 28:20). “I will send to you the Holy Spirit, to be with you until the end of time”.

We are invited now to recall God’s presence and protection in our lives, in our world. If we do, we face tomorrow as a promise of good, such that fear, and anxieties will not rule our hearts. God knows that we are chronic worriers and doubters of His love, of His promise. We need to be reminded constantly that God’s finger will be there to protect us. For He said, “Have no fear,  I have conquered the world (Jn.16:33) and (Joshua 1:9) also added, “Be strong and have courage do not be frightened and not be dismayed for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go”.

These are reminders that God is consistent in fulfilling His promises, only we are asked to be consistent in trusting Him; let us not forget His constant love and protection for us. If God took care of the Israelites from slavery and journeyed to the Promise Land, He will do the same for us, who have nothing more to lean on these days, even the “best discoverers and powerful minds” fail. Only Him with our cooperation and faith in His love will keep us on through all these. He will be with us in every moment of our life.

Trusting God is greater than any of our bigger anxieties.

Sister Ma. Pilar R. Marcelino

Reina de la Paz Community

Baliwasan, zamboanga City

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