The year ending 2019 was a year of thanksgiving to God. Lots of blessings had been received from Him in various ways, such as: success in our work, difficulties overcome trust in Him is graced in times least expected. We are confident that God is journeying with us, challenges to live a life with full vigor and enthusiasm in our mission, to share love and life especially for those who have lost hope in life. Over and above we have is the great treasure: good health and many more that we must be thankful.

Suddenly, our future changed at the start of 2020 with the invasion of this pandemic the Covid-19 virus. The world over has been devastated with so many deaths, sufferings, and pains that it has wrought to families and loved ones. Nobody expected that this pandemic will bring about in our country and other countries in the world a catastrophe beyond our imagination. The effects of this pandemic brought about a new look to our life and the future.

As we often hear nowadays, the “new normal” way of life that we must confront and to live on. For me it is a re-examining of oneself, a renewal that this pandemic had caused to every person. It is now a response for me and for people of good faith, to make a soul searching what this pandemic is asking from each one of us.

Due to the deprivation of worship in churches especially on Sunday Eucharistic celebrations, to observe “social distancing” so to avoid contamination, we observed that majority of our people in our country longed for the celebration of the Eucharist and thus, turned to streamlining although it does not complete our worship since people cannot receive communion.  While for us, in religious communities, we are blessed we can receive our Lord since we have the Blessed Sacrament in our chapels.

The effects of this pandemic therefore brought about a renewal for most of our people. Nowadays, we experienced that most of our people are now more concern of people’ needs. There is sharing of goods, of food for those who have nothing to eat. It is an awakening in each one of us that we are a family and therefore responsible of one another’s needs. Hopefully, this renewal for all of us, will live on and be a way of life, a rebirth to new outlook of life. That our world would be a better place to live on since God created the world for humanity to enjoy life as one big family of God and to take care of creation. Our faith strengthened, more prayerful and hopeful as manifested in the way we live and relate to one another.

Therefore, for me it is indeed a thanksgiving to God that despite the negative effects

that this pandemic have brought to us, we remember that there is a loving God who cares for us and is with us always until we reach our final home. Indeed, to His people, God gives hope that after this experience a brighter tomorrow awaits us all, if we trust in Him and live our life in His commandment of Love.      

Sister Ma. Cecilia L. Pagador

Reina de la Paz Community,                                     Baliwasan, Zamboanga City

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