“Why are we always in a hurry?”  Let us look at why the world is rushing, why people are always in a hurry. Industries are engaged in fast machine and are lessening manpower. Bishop Socrates Villegas in this week´s Mass gave three points to reflect on why we are always in a hurry:


  • First, there are too many sufferings: sickness, hunger, poverty. But it is observed that some are not suffering, many are not hungry, and the few rich people are much in a hurry. They go fast because they do not want to lose what they already have. They do not want others to take their place in the list of the rich.


  • Second reason why people are in a hurry is because they do not love anymore. Love is diminishing in man’s heart because love is gone. A person who loves knows how to wait. Real love is patient, kind, and can wait. When love is absent, we become impatient. A person who loves cares not about time- for him, time is being together with the love ones.


  • Third point is because we do not believe in God anymore. God is always patient with us, and He has been waiting for us. God is timeless and He is willing to wait. If we do not believe in God or do not value God beyond our efforts – we cannot wait. We want God to rush and solve our problems immediately. When God allows us to live in our frustrations, permits sickness, allows crucifixion to continue…God is teaching us growth, which has its rhythm. When we start to know God’s time, we will not be in a hurry, we learn how to wait.

Let us see in our daily living… in what instances that waiting is made so heavy? Let us check our options: longer prayer time or the short form of prayer? How about our preference to stay longer on meals at table or rushing this time to check your emails, in-coming correspondence, latest posts on facebook? Where do we want to stay frequently, common place in the community, in the confinement of our personal room?

When we know God’s time, when love is not diminished, we will not be in a hurry. We learn how to wait. Are we still in a hurry? If your answer is yes, ask God for patience, to rekindle the fire of love in our hearts and know that: God answers our prayers in His own timetable.

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