First and foremost, I thank God for giving me this opportunity to share my experience of staying in San Luis Beltran Province in Philippines. My love for my missionary vocation, my Congregation, our Founders, and Charism has been my motivating factor to leave the shores of India and step into the unknown.  I left India on 21st of July 2018 with mixed feelings of trust in the Lord, joy, uncertainty, fear, but a strong missionary zeal in my heart. In Manila, I was warmly received by the sisters and very soon I felt at ease and at home with them.


In the beginning, I had to face the challenge of new environment, new lifestyle, cultures, languages, and belief systems.  But the family identity of Missionary Dominican Sisters of the Rosary unites us in our diversity. I also feel so fortunate to be the part of the Asian Continental Novitiate formation team and to journey with the young Novices who are born in this innovated internet world.  


My experience in “Virgen Fiel” community has been good. It has really shaped and challenged my missionary vocation. It has transformed and renewed my mind set and deep-rooted belief system. I have received love, care, respect, cooperation and support from the sisters as well as from the Formees. I find my strength and joy in prayer as well as in community. We -three sisters in the community- are clear on our option and goal. We plan and organize our community activity together. We are responsible for the given tasks. This gives me peace of mind and effectiveness in our accompaniment to the young novices.


To enter the real experience of mission one needs to understand and enter into another culture. As Mother Ascension said, “In order to work well here or elsewhere, one has to love the place and the people among whom one works and keep in mind God’s work rather than one’s ideas.” The experience has been my best teacher, it has taught me to know and understand different cultures. For me, I would say that I have learned a lot from the young ones. Their spontaneity, openness, eagerness, interest to learn more and enthusiasm has pushed me to go beyond my own expectation. The celebrations, togetherness, laughter, creativity and joy in the community has brought oneness in the community.  We live as one family. Thanks be to God for Covid-19 pandemic has united us more in prayer and love for one another. I have begun to appreciate what I have and learned, to live a simple life.


I always cherish these memorable experiences in my life as I continue my life journey with trust and hope in the Lord to make this world a better place.


I take this opportunity to thank Sr. Raquel our General Coordinator and her team, Sr. Virginia Benito and her team, Sr. Zita D’Souza and her team and Sr. Maria Fatima de Pui and community for their prayers, trust, support, appreciation and encouragement in my mission.

Thank you very much to one and all.

Sister Pushpa Mecwan OP

Asian Continental Novitiate

San Luis Beltran Province


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