(Based on the Experience of Online Classes With Sr. Elizabeth Rani Savarimuthu)

Technology has the implications of both good and bad, depending on how we use it. It was then created with its prime reason: helping or serving human needs. However, this purpose has turned into a destructive reality because of our unlimited desires, curiosity and self-satisfaction. Yet, there are some people who recognize the value of technology amidst this destructive world. During this time of global crisis, almost all over the world, technology has become the most essential means for humanity interactions and services. Thanks to the silent, seemingly “powerful” queen (Corona)! It prompted us to find recourse and recognize the worth of technology, though many are still left behind or less privileged with it.

During our ten days online workshop with Sr. Elizabeth Rani Savarimuthu on the topic “Encountering with oneself”, we realized the importance of technology at the same time, understood the struggles of students who are dealing with this new way of learning.

To sum up our workshop with Sr. Rani, first we started with the question “who are you?”. Knowing oneself is knowing the order in us: myself, my body, my mind, and my spirit. To know oneself is the most important aspect because by knowing ourselves we may also know others. It is a sad reality that most of us tend to know others before knowing ourselves. It is also important to value one own self so that we may also value others. Along the journey we must recognize and accept our limitations, failures, and strength to be who we are and be understanding of others.

There is an advantage in using technology: we come to know for the first time, how to use apps as “Zoom”. Then, we feel connected with the sisters who are in different parts of the world. We feel very much connected with our Congregation through the sharing of different communities in “United In Hope” a Newsletters from the different provinces sent to the General Team. Another thing is we also feel connected with our families, friends and so on.

Amidst some advantages of using technology, there are many disadvantages while with working with it. We experienced some difficulties; like low wi-fi connectivity, unclear audio, limited computers, no personal openness and disturbances in different times and places. We feel unsatisfied because of indirect communication. Through this experience, we come to know the crucial reality and a hint of hardship for the students who are adopting this new way of learning.

Nevertheless, this experience has taught us how to be flexible amid difficulties. Life is not always smooth we all have to struggle to live a meaningful life. We sometimes must follow the current of the waves, meaning, when there is a given chance, we must learn to accept its effects either good or bad. We must plant the seeds of hope in each of our hearts to remain hopeful always.

Asian Continental Novitiate (Themar, Cecilia and Rosaria)

Quezon City, Philippines

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