A new journey which begun many years ago, has found its purpose on September 08, 2020: “first religious profession of eight of us, Novices”. This is the answer to what our hearts had been searching, have longed for many years, the treasure of our “calling”. It was on August 6, 2019 marked as our initiation into Canonical year, a year in which we have a lot to learn: to accept, to receive and let go of what is not necessary. A journey that has taught us the real meaning of being a disciple of Christ in a missionary way. It has planted the seed of a faithful and loving effectiveness to our calling, the essence of our being. Our hearts are alighted each day as we encounter Christ in each of us, in our formators and those people who willingly support and accompany us in different ways.

Today is the day to harvest the first fruit, considered as a new chapter of life. There is much to be thankful for, no vocabulary to express how grateful we are to be in this congregation of Missionary Dominican sisters of the Rosary. We have the support from our General Council right from the start of our formation to this day, our first profession. We have the support from the different provinces around the globe where MDR is present. Above all we have the support from Saint Louis Bertrand Province, our mother home where we are welcomed, raised, nurtured, and grow both physically and spiritually. Since our Novitiate journey has come to its destination, we would like to pause for a moment to relish our gratitude for all the blessings that we have been receiving. We thank God for all his abundant blessing that shower upon us each day, for being our Father, the True provider of everything for us. We have tasted his goodness, His love and unending presence through all the sisters in this Congregation most especially in “our tree formators”. We have come to believe in his promise that he says: “Do not fear for I am with you always” for we have encountered Him in our community: in our prayer and sharing of lives. We have seen God in the smile of our sisters, in their joy, in their listening, in their highest and lowest temper, in the sacrifices they have for us to grow in the MDR way. In their strength and weaknesses, we have learned a lot and made our luggage filled with knowledge, wisdom, and love. Thank you to all the sisters in this congregation who have become God’s helping hand to each of us and in our growth. Your prayer and support give us strength to follow Christ and imitate Him daily.

As we celebrate our first profession, we also celebrate our joy and love of being MDR, it has become our real HOME because of you all, dear sisters. Our celebration is simple but truly touching and meaningful. We miss nothing because we have all of you, your love and support. As we started the Eucharist, we see and feel our parents and God´s presence in all our sisters who are far and near. There is no opportunity for us to complain, to feel sad or lonely because we have everything, as we have you all in Christ. We do not feel that we are away from our home and country because we have our Filipina sisters, our three formators with our three young promising sisters.

Indeed, we are convinced that when we support, care, and love one another, we can eradicate sadness and loneliness, we can even banish the fears and worries as well. For as long as we are united nothing is difficult. We believe that our time and words are limited to thank you but our Lord who calls us has no limit in His loving reward for all your goodness. We are the most blessed not because of our achievements but because all of you who have been a blessing to each of us. September 08, 2020 has become real, and the most precious dream in our life because of all of you. Our Novitiate Journey holds primacy in molding us to this very life. Thank you to all our elderly sister in the Philippines for caring for MDR until this day. All of you have an equal contribution to the success of your younger sisters. Our three formators who are young in heart, mind and spirit are the priceless blessing in our life. We could not be where we are today without your inspiration and support. Thank you for all your guidance, your welcoming embrace that you have shown since July 22, 2019. Indeed, it did not fade nor wither till this very day (September 8, 2020).  Amid Covid-19, you forget about the danger of the virus but your risk your life to shelter us, much to our comfort. It seems that Covid-19 has no power over us because of your love and caring gestures are greater than its transmission. With your presence among us, we found peace of mind to continue. You are not satisfied in teaching us at home, you sent us still to learn from others, outside of our community.

Thank you to our dearest General Coordinator, Sr. Raquel and the General Council, we owe your support and continued presence. Your amazing spirit and unshakable faith have inspired us to do better as persons, as Christians and as religious. To our three young sisters who have become our strength during our preparation for the profession, nothing is lacking amidst Covid-19.

We are grateful also the community of P. Noval, Manila for their constant and unending share in our journey. To Sr. Conchie Santiago, who represented our Congregation in accepting our vows. We thank the sisters of Teresa Community in Rizal for their solidarity and collaboration through Sr. Yeni (who was with us for almost two weeks to practice songs -our best guitarist for our liturgy. Everything was well done.  Although many sisters and our Provincial Coordinator and previous formators were not present, but we have you in our heart, we also believe that we are already in your hearts. Our first step as missionary initiated in this first profession, has become our true joy because of you. Thank you to all the sisters of Saint Luis Beltran Province for all your gifts. Indeed, thank you for everything.

Asian Continental Novitiate

Srs Cecilia, Dionisia, Felizarde, Rosaria, Themar, Annie, Madalena

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