Monsignor Ramon Zubieta community was founded on November 19th, 1996 in the south of Angola -Lubango. It is formed by two sisters who have perpetual vows, a sister of temporary vows, five candidates and four postulants, who are making their vocational judgment. The sisters have the position of coordinator, administrator, secretary, companion of candidates and postulants and promoter of vocational pastoral. They live a fraternal life in a responsible way, making from the communitarian life a suitable space for living the Gospel in a spirit of mutual accompaniment.

The community has as objective to help people to grow as a person by participating in a common project, where each person feels responsible of their actions, their feelings and their way of thinking, for being a responsible and autonomous Dominican Missionary Sister of the Rosary living the joy of the Gospel with a spirit of mercy, giving, dignity, respect, simplicity and charity, being able to attend new challenges and signs of times.

Open to the world, they are part of the parish “Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion -Laage” in the center of San Francisco in the following parishes:

-San Pedro

-San Jose

They offered formation in the following areas: liturgy, catechism, human and spiritual formation, celebrations when priests are absent, retreats and vocational judgment, attending people on Saturday, Sunday and emergency days according to the necessities of our brothers and sisters in need. Prophet Isaiah says 61, 1-3 “The Spirit of the Lord God is upon Me, Because the Lord has anointed Me to proclaim liberty to the captives.” This is the favorite mission of a Dominican Missionary Sister of the Rosary.

On the one hand, we dedicate ourselves with much love, joy and decision for serving the mission, for sharing with our brothers and sisters everything we have, especially in areas of most urgency. In the human and spiritual formation, we experiment giving the criteria in the Assumption that the human being is unique, has dignity and it will not be grabbed. It must be managed with love signs, gratitude towards others, goodness, empathy, courtesy, docility and continuous retribution to the Divine inspiration, where we are in the likeness and image of God, as our head, guide and sheep Shepherd.

On the other hand, in liturgic formation, we renew our communion with Father/Mother in a humility spirit for sanctifying man and woman and glorify God, starting in the biblical reflection, life testimony and inspired songs. This way we express our gratitude to God Father/Mother.

In relation to the famous and polemic moment of COVID-19, we are obliged to suspend our pastoral activities since March 18th. Nevertheless, we have faith that soon we will get back to the pastoral activities with much more joy and vigor.

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