Before I share with you the form in which Jesus seduced me, I would like to greet all the sisters and I ask our founders’ spirits to accompany us, especially in this time of COVID-19.


I am Fatima Yambi, I was born in Huila province in Quilengues. I am 20 years old and I am a candidate of the Sao Martinho de Porres community in Viana.


I am going to start saying that sometimes in life is necessary to adapt to new situations and to know that in life there are ups and downs and we have to accept the life situation we are facing. In the same way in which God made us taller and shorter and black and white to each of us, this made me realize that God loves each human being with his/her limitations and values, because I believe that God made us this way to give sense to our life and we can understand these differences in his designations.


There are some moments in life in which we need to be mature and to recognize our life for ourselves, so then in the future we will not blame others. When we make a decision, we must take into consideration some aspects:

  • To think before deciding
  • To be conscious about our decisions and once we take them, we need to assume the consequences they have.
  • To be happy with the decision made.


When deciding, we need to think not only in ourselves, but also in others’ happiness.

I want to confess that I got excited with the lifestyle of the Missionary Dominican Sisters of the Rosary and many topics came to my mind with it, such as: what does God really want from me? Why me? Why not other person? Is it and illusion? But then I realized that God wants something more from me, something that goes beyond my limits. After some months of reflection, I decided to reply God’s invitation: come and see. I was sure that this decision would change my life forever!


On February 22nd, I left my family to start a completely different life in comparison to the one I was used to live as a young woman, among other young people and friends. On February 23rd, I arrived at San Martinho de Porres Community in the capital of the country. From that day until today, I have learned, and I am still learning to assume my responsibility by myself and for the lives of others. I have been going in depth our Lord’s invitation and discovering the true form of living in community.


With the help of our sister Ana de Carvalho, I am making efforts to find the conection with myself, to know my qualities, limitations and wounds, because in the being there are only good things.


With Sister Luzia Pedro Barao, I am learning about life and work of our founders, how to be a Dominican and what to do in difficult situations of life, trying to understand others’ necessities and to know how to look beyond the horizon.


With Sister Maria Reais I am learning about Jesus’ life, the true meaning of his words and how he challenges us with attitudes and tenderness. For all these, we can only follow Jesus if we meet him first because this way, we will know his footprints better.


The experience of this group journey has been really good, it allws us to share joy and sorrow, to be friends and to share the love that joined us as sisters in Christ. We joined from different families, cultures, habits and traditions to share the only ideal of Ramon Zubieta and Ascension Nicol.


Let’s hope that Mother of the Rosary accompanies us in this discerning moment.

Fátima Yambi (Postulant)

Sao Martinho de Porres community.

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