This is a Project that is part of the Caritas Archdiocesan of Malange. It started in the time of the armed conflict that devastated Angola during years and keeps working until these days after the conflict finished due to its relevancy in peasant women, who are the reason for its existence.


At the beginning of 1996 and as an answer to the necessities that displaced families by the civil war with an almost nonexistent performance, the project was proposed to reduce the necessities that these families were living, looking for ways to increase their economic and financial income. At the end of the war, humanitarian help ceased, but the necessities of these families, though not very big, were visible. They lived with less than a dollar per day, per family. The situation of displacement made all the parishes of the Malange’s archdiocesan to unite so as to look for a solution to help these families. It was considered to organize women on small groups of 10 peasants, who were supported by Diocesan Caritas with seeds and small animals to encourage them to practice agriculture and livestock activities.


We want to underline the work made by the Dominican Missionary Sisters of the Rosary executing this project:


It has been trusted to us the mission of promoting women with these group of working mothers for developing family’s sustainability and beyond. We accompany them in their agriculture work, forming them in different topics: humans and Christians, essentially catechesis for reception and experience of the sacraments. We invite non-governmental institutions such as Mosaico, a citizenship institute linked to Dominican friars, dedicated to the dissemination, promotion and defense of Human Rights to help in activities such as: Human Rights, gender violence and rural development among others.

In times of pandemic, they also received formation about personal, family and communitarian protection against coronavirus.”


We ask our Mother of the Rosary to keep on helping us to develop our daily work, above all, that she keeps on encouraging to keep helping the brothers and sisters who are in need.

Sisters of Maria mama ya ngueleja community


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