I resume the appealing that Pope Francis made to young people in the World Youth Day in Panama: “Young people, you are not the future, you are God’s now.” With this, we could strengthen and put into practice the meaning of accompanying the vocational awake from a vocational culture revitalized by the young-vocational pastoral, which this year has been relevant due to the sanitary contingency that we have had to live as humanity.

Having this background, we could have given our service and contribution in the Young-Vocational Pastoral Comission of Conferre and at the same time representing this archdiocesan Vocational Pastoral. Each meeting, activity, retreat, adoration of the blessed sacrament and the formation spaces for those in charge of cheering up the vocational pastoral of their congregations, were moments for letting us to be surprised by the passage of God and for challenging ourselves on how to continue accompanying new generations when walking from their faith experiences and their stories of salvation, disposing the heart for accepting the invitation and calling from God as life project.

We thank from the bottom of our hearts everything we have lived and everything that has happened this year, for each congregational wealth that was sowed and nourished during this walking for building a Church and consecrated life in the way of Jesus Christ, which challenged us to get more practice on listening, detaching from schemes and ideas, walking in an open and inclusive way of the essence of each child of God. We bet and love Jesus’ project in the middle of this sanitary crisis we are living. For Him nothing is impossible

Sister Rossina Jopia

Monsenor Ramon Zubieta Community

Santiago Chile

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