As we celebrate this year a centenary year of departure of Our Founder Msgr. Ramón Zubieta who passed away in Huacho, Peru, due to pneumonia in 1921, we would like to share with you some traits of His Missionary Spirituality. The Text is taken from the book “Mons. Zubieta y Les. Reflection about his Life, Chapter III. by Cecelia Valbuena, OP; Ed. Vicariate Apostolico de Puerto Maldonado. We believe that it will be a great help for our mission today and at the same time, we will share with you our centenary celebration on the Feast of our Founder Ramon Zubieta.

  1. Zubieta was a man of multiple and overflowing actions, this is how we perceive his whole life. All of these missionary movements have only one unifying center; the Spirit, “a missionary Spirit” whom he described as “a whistle…” The Mission has defined his Spirituality, and this too has given meaning to his actions. It was a defined vocation since the beginning: “I want to be a missionary and a Dominican…” and his life was filled up and was oriented by this vocation. The first step in the orientation of his life, is the call of God, his vocation. Fr. Ramon Zubieta felt the call to be Missionary at his early age, which we can cite concretely from this phrase he has expressed to go to “ mission countries” group of “mission”; which now we say permanent and radical option for the poor.

The first phase of his missionary option was realized in the Philippines and then in his commitment until death in the Vicariate of Peru…all of the projects in his life, big and small are the consequences of his vocation and are directed to this mission. The project of his life was this missionary option of the poor. To realize it in these new realities, it has to cross the social and religious frontiers.

Fr. Ramon Zubieta when choosing to be a missionary had also chosen to live and to struggle for the humble” for the naked and the poor savage…” (p.32) without looking back. It was a permanent and varied effort of insertion: to learn, to search, to call, to be at service…there he wanted to live and announced the Gospel” inopportune time or not” with words and deeds. To proclaim Jesus and to put into practice his evangelical programs that speak clearly of the poor, along with the praxis he discovered more and more the face of the Lord. Like the way to Emmaus, God has spoken to him from the humble, from their doubts and difficulties, from their joys and pains, and the experience of sharing. He had to renew his missionary option in various moments and in front of series of difficulties, and when he overcomes them, he decided to go on, motivated by the progress of the mission and the situation of the poor who needed his presence. The history of a person does not end after his death. It rather becomes a memorial for the family and is known by the people. Fr. Ramon Zubieta, our founder is likewise one of them. His works are known not only to his daughters but also to people all around the world. As the lyrics of the song goes:

“It only takes a spark to get a fire going
And soon all those around
Can warm up in its glowing.
That’s how it is with God’s love
Once you’ve experienced it.
You spread His love to everyone,
You want to pass it on”

We are very much privileged to be a part of the history to celebrate this year as a centenary year of our Father Founder Msgr Ramon Zubieta. We began the month of November taking his blessings upon us.
Sr. Themar prepared the Nineteen Poems on his life journey from birth to death and each day we posted this poem on Facebook inviting everyone to reflect and pray through his life.

On November 16th to 18th we had Triduum Prayers in honor of our Father Founder Msgr. Ramon Zubieta each day with different themes on his life. Sr. Annie prepared the video of “The Sayings of our Father Founder” and our novices including novices from Macau Cacilda and Erna sang the song of “Para dar la Vida” the very own words of our beloved our Father Founder and we posted on the Facebook on the feast day. On the 19th of November, We prepared the special prayer and celebrated the feast day with our Sisters from Santa Rosa and Teresa communities.

It was an enriching experience for all of us. We prayed for all the Sisters of our Congregations and our missions. “My Spirit is always with you” the words our Father Founder always resound us. May he intercede for all of us. Thank you very much.

Asian Continental Novitiate,


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