Prayer of a wreck

“When I commended my soul to God and I was saying goodbye to the world, I saw myself sitting on the canoe, without being able to understand yet how could I do it.”

“In my distress I called out: LORD! I cried out to my God. From his temple he heard my voice; my cry to him reached his ears.” (Psalm 18, 7)

From the Deep
I call you Lord
From the pain
And helplessness.
Submerged in the water
Of Coñec River
The whirlpool covers me
With its strength.
I think within myself
What would be of native people
Who are victims of so much abuse?
What would be of our missions?
What would be of our beloved
The look on Brother Jose’s face
Saying goodbye and asking for
Being absolved
I will never forget
He offered his life in the
Amazon waters and
his body was embraced by the womb
of this sacred land.
The Torrent
Snatched our best
Journey companions.
But you Lord rescued me,
You saved me from deep waters,
You took my hand
And sent me back to life.
My heart in pain praised you



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