Looking to live to the fullest our evangelizing mission, we fully dedicate to take care of patients through our center located in Simbok, a few hours by car from our community.

To do this, the sisters -who are responsible of our formation- wanted that us, the postulants, would also try to be immersed in this project. Therefore, we work three days one week and six days in another week with established positions to satisfy the center’s needs. With these words I Will present our work:

MELANIE is in the reception to receive and give patients the first smile, which will show them reliability towards the center.

DULECINE with her experience as care provider, takes care of patients. She gives them recovery’s hope through the treatment to cure their wounds, distributing vaccines and infusions if necessary.

MELISSA with her experience in laboratory studies, provides information to the patients who are in shock or afraid of the results of their tests to help them to know and follow treatments for their diseases.

MARIE-EDITH is in charge of the examination room, teaches mothers during their prenatal, vaccines, general care, maternity and many more due to her experience as nurse.

In relation to myself, I take care of babies through their vaccine process to guarantee a trustworthy growing without pain or discomfort.

It is important to mention that our presence in the center was at the beginning schedule on Wednesdays, but in the perspective of a solid preparation for novitiate and for our lives as Dominican Missionaries of the Rosary, the sisters in charge of our formation considered opportune to add two more days (Tuesdays and Thursdays) as days of mission in the center.

During these days, we put ourselves at disposal to all the other services where there is need, such as: cleaning, classifying, organizing, and many more. All this to help to the correct operation of the activities of the center, the cure of patients, our formation, and especially anything that helps to manifest the glory of God among the nations. The best is to see the patients, the mothers in maternity and those babies that come back from their vaccine with a smile on their faces saying: “in the hospital of the sisters of Simbok the attention is exceptional”. These patients are our proud and joy.

Carolle KEMOGNE,

Postulant MENDONG


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