My dear sisters, it is with great emotion that I take advantage of the opportunity of our web site to share with you the event that took place during the night from December 29th-30th in our community of Betania.

Imagine dear sisters that I was sleeping in the middle of the night when about 1 am a group of thieves broke into our plot: two in front of my window and others in front of the main door. Those who were in front of my window told me: “Is you the person who we have come to look for, because you keep the money.” When I heard them, I felt paralyzed and started to shake.

For a moment, I felt a strength that pushed me to turn the light on in my bedroom and to open the door to escape. I left by the garage’s door in direction towards the health center of Libondi, without considering the danger of this action. When I arrived to Libondi, I was well received by nurses and from the hospital phone I was able to communicate with the sisters of the provincial council to tell them the sad news. It was from here that I realized that I was only wearing my nightgown, even without slippers. Everybody knows that when a thief breaks into a house is for stealing. That happened that night. They stole or money, clothes, the electric generator…

Finally, we can only thank God because we are still alive, and we pray for the conversion of those thieves.

Sister MBULA Thérèse

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