I have enjoyed very much what the sisters have written about our Father Founder. Everything is thanksgiving to God, for his life, his works, his mission etc. I join in this great chain of thanksgiving, from the bottom of my soul.

Thank you God our Father, thank you for that life full of light, which he transmitted to everyone who approached him!!! Thank you for Monsignor Zubieta. Father Ramón, since you were a child you felt the fire of the spirit in your heart. You said “I will be a missionary because Our Lady wants me to be”. And so it was. God was sustaining your desire, with his grace, making you more and more docile to his GIFTS and stronger in faith, in preparation for being a dedicated missionary and founder.

Our Lady was always your guide and by imitating her life, you also let God, BE GOD, IN YOU. “… and I Heard the voice of the Lord saying: whom shall I send and who will go for us? Then I said: Here am I, send me”. (Is. 6.8)

With your joyful disposition and your interior life, you identified with Jesus, in conforming his will to that of the Father, to work for his Kingdom. Simple, with a deep prayer life, you came, whenever possible, to stand before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. From there you drew strength for the struggles of daily life, facing with courage the problems that arose. “So you know: the fight is on…” “Be of good cheer; I WILL ALWAYS BE ENGAGED IN GOD, AND IF YOU WANT TO FIND ME AND THINK OF ME, THINK AND BE ENGAGED IN GOD.”

Father, you were a great lover of the Church, of the missionary Church and of the Congregation, which you looked upon with affection. “I look upon your work as God’s; I have great faith in it” “My spirit always accompanies you, but there are times when I ask Our Lord that you may feel as if I were present to encourage and strengthen you. And I believe that God hears me…” You invite us, Father Zubieta, as a worthy son of Dominic of Guzman, to talk to God about others and to talk to others about God. Thank you!

On the centenary of your going to the Father, I ask you to continue to intercede for us. May we not disappoint your dreams and God’s dreams in calling us to be his witnesses.

Thank you, Father, and thank you M. Ascensión! Who from the first moment was at the head of the group. We admire the complete identity, the mutual understanding and the total support that existed between the two of you. Thank you! You left us a good inheritance: the Congregation of the Dominican Missionary Sisters of the Rosary.

Isabel Gutiérrez

Welcome Community, Madrid

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