With the sending of Msgr Ramon ZUBIETA to Peru, a new mission experience begins. Msgr Ramon Zubieta dedicates his life for the natives of the Peruvian jungle, thus showing love for God and man, working for the dignity of the natives. And we want to follow in his footsteps.


The apostolate of the Dominican Missionaries of the Rosary that began in the Peruvian land with our elders, has its roots in the five continents. Today we are inheritors of this apostolic work, exercising our mission where the church needs us most according to the realities of the place where the congregation is present. Thus, we participate in the life of the church, working in health and education and accompanying people in weak or vulnerable situations.

     The Sisters work in collaboration with the clergy in evangelization, especially in catechesis, vocation promotion and in the accompaniment of youth and adults. They are open to every kind of apostolate according to the needs and availability of the mission. In the social area, they participate in the promotion of women and promote respect for human rights. With heart in hand, they welcome and help all who knock on our door.


Although the novitiate is a space of formation that allows us to learn and integrate the values of the congregation and of the Church, we, even from the canonical year, have the opportunity to put into practice all that we have learned through the apostolate and all that we have acquired throughout our formation. Then the motto of our religious family, the charism, begins to take shape very early in the life of each one of us, first in the community and then outside the community.  As Msgr Ramon Zubieta evangelised the natives of the Peruvian jungle through preaching, the testimony of his life and his work, we also evangelise through the animation of the liturgy, catechesis, accompaniment, sharing with the poor and with the groups of the parish, without forgetting our testimony of life inside and outside the community. 

Regarding the pastoral care of the poor, we respond to their needs through the charity of benefactors and our support. Every Sunday afternoon we go to meet the families in their homes to get to know them and their reality.

This experience of the apostolate in the novitiate gives us a taste of the mission and of being Dominican Missionaries of the Rosary. And we believe that the spirit of our Father Founder will always accompany us.

The novices: Mariana Samba & Andela Victoire

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