When you left Philippines, love pushed you to open new paths
in the Peruvian jungle. And in the face of the reality faced by women there,
you invited the religious to collaborate in the evangelisation project.

M. Ascension and other Dominican sisters,
accepted your invitation and, following your example, they also went out…
You helped to form new evangelisers in them, who, with their lives, taught us
what they learnt from your missionary life..

You did not lack difficulties, but your abandonment to your Father
led you not to fear what might happen.
You cared little for suffering; yes… you sought the glory of God,
who became a source of energy in the depths of your being.
Obedient to the voice of the Shepherd, you wanted to live for the poor
and you humbly gave yourself to the task of liberation….

Your sensitive heart was pained by the misery,
and you looked at that reality with compassionate eyes.
And you opened the way to be faithful to God’s designs.
With them you cast your lot, and they became your treasure.

Open to the joy and suffering of the people,
happily, you shared in their poverty, you opened yourself to hope and
you worked for the good of others.

Your face never lacked a look of consolation;
Your gentleness warmed people’s despondent hearts.
You kept on your face a sweet smile like the sun when it rises,
a clear reflection that the Lord was directing your steps. .

God made you a missionary at all costs
and called you to build a better tomorrow.
He made you generous to all, servant of the people,
to whom you gave yourself generously.

In the centre of your heart you reserved a glance at Jesus,
who filled you with trust and hope.
That is why you also had it for the most needy,
and for the missionaries who followed in your footsteps..

Community of Stella Maris, 3º Madrid.

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