Ramon Zubieta, Dominican friar, was born on 31 August 1864 in Arguedas, Spain. He entered the covent at the age of 17 and at the age of 22 was sent to the Philippines to have his first missionary experience, because of his radicalism for the poor, he was imprisoned for 18 months, later, in 1902 he was sent to Lima, Peru, ordained bishop at the age of 49, he always had the dream of working in Asia-China, but unfortunately he was sent to Lima with the perspective of working with the most needy and MALDONADO was his destiny. Today our Father Founder is a great model for us young people, because he loved his mission, he gave his life without taking into account the risks that existed in the Peruvian jungle.


Arriving in Maldonado and seeing the reality of the people he outlined the following project:

– To know the reality of the people

– To invest in education for all, starting with the poorest,

– Solicit support,

– To open schools in places of great influence,

– Educate women for social change.


The great missionary managed to explore the Peruvian jungle, opening roads, telephone lines, building bridges, defending the rights of the natives, studying native languages, valuing the role of women. After founding the Congregation, he lived a short time and died on 19 November 1921.


Father leaves us the task of continuing his work, always remembering his testimony of life in the expectation that we will never give up. He is a great pride for the youth and a driving force for the Congregation because many times we prefer to choose places that have conditions or even if we go to the mission, we remain static living in dependence without transforming anything.  Father knew how to transform the people of Maldonado in every way, without sparing his youth, but all for the good of the poor. What would we do today if we were sent to our Maldonados?


Ramon Zubieta urges us to be able to get up each day and to have permanent confidence in God, to love small things, to accept reality, to defend the life of the poorest, to know how to live with those most in need. Not to trust in our own strength but in the Holy Spirit. In this year of grace, we have every opportunity to always ask our Father to teach us to follow in his footsteps since the global reality presents us with many challenges and in this we need his spirit to help us respond to the reality of the mission today.


A greeting to the whole congregation, especially the general council, our elderly sisters, the provincial councils of each continent in their respective countries and a hug to our beloved companions.


The novices: Rosaria Nafeca & Muhala Dumbo

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