Private Educational Center “SANTA ROSA” Dominican Missionary Sisters of the Rosary

The world has been affected by a sanitary crisis, the same one that has hit heavily various sectors. One of them is education, that has gone through difficult situations, affecting public as well as private schools. The private school “Santa Rosa” from Huacho city, has also suffered these hits, but through the work of its members; teachers and administrative and supportive staff have all make efforts to moving forward our dear school.

The challenges this year are presented all the time and in every aspect: pedagogical, economical, infrastructure, maintenance, mental health, etc. We are a school of great prestige in our province providing quality education based on the Gospel values and Dominican spirituality. In the current context (2021), we accompany in a closer way to our students and their families (despite being this accompaniment virtual). We have been an emotional support and we have deployed a great educative work in the learning processes of each of our students. It is a hard work, but its greatest reward is to refine in them the reflexive and critical thinking towards diverse situations, achieving with this to encourage a culture or peace and respect.

It is a very big challenge and a huge responsibility what I have to assume in these times. I know that this work must continue and in the best possible way; I do not feel alone, because I am accompanied by a principal and all the staff that supports all the work that we have been doing day after day. Every day I try to follow the example of our Founding Father, who never gave up and continued the mission.

Our dear school “Santa Rosa” will celebrate its 105th anniversary of educational service soon, time in which it has shaped students who are leaders and capable of transforming our society into a more fair, fraternal, and solidary one. Due to all that I have exposed, it is vital to continue our work with joy and optimism, especially with this responsibility that I am assuming; the same that is satisfactory when you can count on with a great work team.


Milena Loayza Romero Mg.

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