As a missionary belonging to San Luis Beltran Province, am called for a new mission. God sent me four years ago to Vietnam as a new member of the Province of Reina de China. Vietnam is a place ideally dreamt of by our Founders. It is a place where freedom of speech is curtailed, and our apostolic activities are limited and being monitored by authorities of the land. To be active in ministry as in my previous mission assignment, it was not easy for me. Because of my little knowing of the language, I had to intensify the language of love.  I truly thank the Province of Reina de China because gradually, I was able to study the language of the natives, with an ability to communicate a little to our young girls who wanted to join us.

Vietnamese people love to converse and somehow, that fraternal friendship with them became one of my most important mission. That is, to bring the love of Jesus, which prioritize my days in serving my community. In whatever ways, we do serve God´s people, either cooking, giving class to the young girls, teaching basic English to our neighbors´ children and running errands for the house.

My idea of mission became enriched in Vietnam, and I was truly happy during those 4 years because God never failed to make His presence felt and He is our true source of happiness, our everything.

Lastly, thanking God for allowing me to experience to stay in this foreign land wherein my faith was tested, and patience enhanced.  The culture and language that I learned inspired me to love them and befriend with myself, to be grateful for who I am despite of my weaknesses. I am blessed, indeed… My gratitude to the sisters particularly those of the Province of Reina de China for all the opportunities provided for me to be part of that mission in the formation community.

May God bless us all.

Sister Mary Ann Palacio Barcelona

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