The Blow of COVID 19 To Our Mission Today

COVID-19 has brought school closure from meeting students and teachers face to face physically. Although schools began partially, re-opening virtually five months later in August of last school year, far-reaching restrictions remain in place and any predictions as to when closures will be, seems to be hardly possible now. Consequently, teachers face significant challenges in adapting to online teaching and maintaining at least a minimum of communication with students and supporting students learning and development. It gives us the challenge to re-think of our purpose and role as educator, to learn the content, skills, and delivery of instruction. The COVID 19 situation requires not only knowledge and skills but also confidence regarding success in online teaching.

We, as missionaries put our hopes in the transformative aspect of grace where the Lord of life enlivens and regenerates new energy and new way of being. We believe that, there is a way to be present than the normalcy of the educational concept of imparting. Our role is beyond professionalism, our primary task is companionship and learning together to grow more adhering to the values and demands of the Gospel. Meaning, not much of our status but of our commonality as hearers and doers of the Word, a common ground where we all are learners in the fellowship and confidence in the Lord as our Guide and Master.

Saint Joseph School Foundation, Incorporated in Zamboanga City adopts the blended approach of learning utilizing a combination of digital technology and a modular instruction. In this modified hybrid instruction, students stay at home to learn at their own pace (asynchronous) and have a virtual face to face with the teacher (synchronous). We welcome as well as needed the assistance of the parents and guardian. This is to ensure that children are monitored on their task and requirements to successfully achieve their learning goals.

COVID-19 can be stressful and challenging for families, community and to everyone. We believe it is important to promote positivity, peacefulness as we navigate these unprecedented times together. One way we are doing this is by finding inspiration amid the uncertainly. People will forever recognize these group of classes in pandemic period as a special set of students who faced a great challenge. Despite this global crisis presented to us few words added to our vocabulary like new normal, lock down, social distancing, GCQ (General Community Quarantine), ECQ (Enhanced Community Quarantine), MECQ (Moderately Enhanced Community Quarantine), MGCQ (Moderate General Community Quarantine), face mask and face shields have become part of our daily outfit. May these unique circumstances give us resilience and inspire us to make the world a better place.

Let us continue to build one another to be responsive and resilient, to be independently responsible but not individualistic in our quest for the best interest of our educational goal more so, of our evangelizing task.

Sister Josephine C. Sambrano


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