Dear sisters, I wanted to share with you the experience that I am having in the province of San MartIn de Porres, precisely in the provincial house. My time of experience is full of various activities, such as: community tasks, different courses on the life of Santo Domingo, the history of the Congregation, the apostolate at the Lisungi Hospital Center …

I arrived at the Provincial House of the Dominican Missionary Sisters of the Rosary on August 3rd, 2021. I was well received by the sisters of the Zubieta community. As soon as I arrived in the community, I was moved and amazed by the welcoming word that the sisters had written: “KARIBU HOME”. When I entered the chapel, I found a symbol that I really liked until today, which I am telling you about, it was the fireplace, and a frying pan over the wood fire…

I understood this symbol in the sense of unity, mutual help and support that characterizes a community of life for the development of each individual. Indeed, life in community opens us up to others to carry each other and thus be able to raise together the torch of hope.

My sisters, while studying the history of the congregation with Ms Julie NTUMBA I was moved by the donation of our founders, they offered themselves body and soul for the cause of the poor with enthusiasm, sacrifice, determination, perseverance … This way of doing things It arouses in me the thirst to continue following Christ, following in the footsteps of Zubieta and Nicol in gratuity for this same cause.

Speaking of the Lisungi Hospital, I am having a very good experience in collaboration with Sister Thérèse Ntumba in the administration, in the pharmaceutical warehouse and in visiting patients in their rooms.

As for the administration, I do more of a secretarial job, photocopying the cards and numbering them. As for the pharmaceutical warehouse, I request the medicines, receive them, and record them in the stock cards.

By doing all this, my sisters, I feel very happy and fulfilled in my experience since it is the first time that I carry out an apostolate outside the community.

These are some of the things I thought about sharing with you sisters.

Until next time.

NKONGOLO Gisèle, Aspirant

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