6th of May 2022

We started the new day with the Eucharist. The priest has asked of the sisters in this General Chapter to take into consideration the younger generation in the decisions to be done in this particular act.

Today, we have listened to the reports from the Vicariate of Ntra. Sra. De la Anunciacion (Mozambique), the Province of Ntra. Sra. De la Paz (Angola) as presented by our sisters Maria Imaculada Francisca and Odete Henriques respectively. Likewise, the Province of San Martin de Porres with sisters Marie Claire Silatchom (Cameroon) and Clarisse Kabanga (Democratic Republic of Congo).

Our sister Trindade Lopes, General Secretary, have presented the process undertaken in the different communities of Mozambique and Angola regarding the unification towards one new Province. After the comments and clarifications, the Chapter attendees proceeded with the votation with the following proposal:

“We agree to suppress the Province of Ntra Sra. de la Paz (Angola) and to erect a new province that will integrate the communities of Angola and Mozambique. This General Chapter 2022 concede 1 year for the preparation of Provincial Chapter, which will be celebrated in June 2023, in which the Provincial Council will be duly elected to start the new province.”

The votation was realized and the approval was unanimously voted. The sisters from respective provinces, expressed their joy with grand rejoicing amid songs and dancing with African rhythm.

The sisters in the said Chapter thanked for the presentations which permitted the sisters present to get firsthand details and to come close to each one by heart, and to understand the processes as they are.

We wish to stress more on the evangelization realized with great dedication and service. The support and journeying together in the varied social projects, the formation of Christian communities and the passion invested towards vocational promotion in all the sphere of the missionary endeavors. The compromise that entails in the projects that has benefitted the promotion of women from the perspective of education, literacy, dormitory apostolate, on health, human rights, and other services. Hence, like the formation and journeying with lay communities with our very own spirituality as Missionary Dominican Sisters of the Rosary. We are inspired to see many young people in almost all the different stages of formation: aspirants, postulants, novices, and junior professed sisters which then are fruits of accompaniment and testimony of life of our own sisters.

After a sincere dialogue, open and fraternal in nature, we recognized that we have the challenge to discern and revise our works/presences and establish stages in the various processes from which the are to be lived. We then as all are, co-responsible towards accompaniment at the congregational processes.

The sisters who have shared these realities have expressed gratitude to all the sisters present in this General Chapter.

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