10th of May

We have started the journey together recalling with gratitude the greetings sent to us and the interest that has been manifested through the greetings and wishes from the sisters, communities, friends for the activity we are realizing in this XXI General Chapter. Thanks to everyone.

We have come to the stage of PLANNING. A diagnostic approach through STERNGTHS, WEAKNESSES, OPPORTUNITIES and THREATS (SWOT Analysis) which was undertaken a few days back, after listening to the different reports done by the Provincial Councils and the realities presented. For the organization of the task, we utilized the dimensions which structures our planning, as follows: Spirituality, Community Life, Formation, Mission, Government and Economy. It was a worthwhile exercise by which we can spell out appropriate language and diverse understanding so that everyone can grasp the essence of what we are trying to drive at in working this draft, this plan.

Afterwards, we get back to working in groups and later, in plenary where we sought to prioritize 5 elements from the SWOT, focusing solely on SPIRITUALITY.  As a background, in this prioritizing activity, we had: the illumination shared to us by Fray Jesus Diaz Sariego, OP, the Synthesis of the Second Pre-Chapter Work.

Note to Chapter Members: “Today, we would like to make a special recognition to the works undertaken by the sisters so as to send communications on a daily basis to communities, to friends and to people who are journeying with us day after day.  Besides, Marci, Mary and Marisa, as Communication and Draft Committee, we also acknowledge and are grateful for the works afforded to us as well as the availability of Marie Claire, Imaculada and Nini, who translate the text we send every day in French, Portuguese and English languages. They, indeed, do a priceless task. Thank you so much, sisters”.


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