12th of May

We continue with the second dimension of Revitalization of the Charism: Community. The psalm that was meditated on during the Morning Prayers has disposed us to look into our lives with openness and trust in God.

 Trinitarian Community

A life-giving spring

A love that wraps us

A dance which animates us

A home that shelters us

A womb that gives birth.

We belong to You. We are your family

That the love you gift us with

Will turn us into humble reflections of You. Amen.

The methodology of the tasks by groups continued on with the same sequence:  Identify the 5 Weaknesses, Strengths, Opportunities, and Threats at a Communitarian dimension; the revision of the inputs; the presentation of the synthesis; the plenary, which gives way to the reflections and comments; and the clarification of terms used considering the aspect of our diversity of languages.

In the same way as it was yesterday, on the dimension of Spirituality, we got back to our groups, elaborating the objectives and the actions for Community.

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