27th of May

As we are almost to finish this week dedicated to FORMATION, we spared the morning of this day for the Communication and Draft Commission to elaborate the Current Situation which presents the FODA, DAFO, AFOM or what we call the Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) Analysis utilized for this dimension during the planning.

In the afternoon, we took on the reading and revision of all the block on FORMATION: Current Situation, General Objective, and the Specific Objectives with the respective Actions. After the needed corrections were made and were dialogued regarding the place, the text was accepted as draft which will eventually be approved on the last leg of the General Chapter.

We ended the day in dialogue about certain details pertaining to the project for the Congregational Juniorate. We hope to finish this by tomorrow.

We are truly grateful for all the greetings and prayers of many of our sisters, friends and people who stand by us in a special manner during these days.

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