Thursday, June 9th, we celebrated a homage in honor to sister Mariluz due to her dedication and love towards missions

Thursday, June 9th, we met in Casa Hispana to homage Maria Luz Pacheco for her retirement. For over 20 years she has been the loving voice and the first person to welcome all those people who became interested in supporting the work of the Dominican missionaries. During the event, in which attended the Prior of the Hispania Province Fr Jesus Diaz Sariego, we shared moments of pray, songs, reflections…and it continued with a banquet for sharing fraternally and celebrating the life of such an important work that the sister conducted during her years of service. The Provincial Prior gave her a precious gift, a sculpture of Fr Miguel Iribertegui.

Mariluz, we thank God for the present of your life, your time, and your dedication towards the Dominican Missionaries – Amazonic Jungles during all these years. Thank you for your love to the missions and for being a being that illuminates the way. You are a great preacher, with your example and words, you bring God closer to anyone who is lucky to be at your side.

Thank you for your loving welcome to all those who spent time here, for your patience, your ear and advice towards all who called by phone. Thank you for blessing and praying for those who collaborate for making the mission possible.

Thank you for being a great partner, for being always attentive to all of us, for saying the good things as well as those that can be improved. Thank you for blessing us with your presence, your eternal smile and contagious joy.

Thank you for being so much Dominican, for being the light that illuminates the way, for contemplating and giving what is contemplated; you bring God close to anyone who is lucky to be at your side.

Thank you for your love to God and the gospel, for making them life and transmit them towards actions and words. Thank you for being mission.

We want to pray with you and for you expressing our gratitude for everything that you have given us. We know that you are in good hands, the hands of your beloved Virgen and the Merciful Father.

You stay with us; you take us in your heart. We are going to miss you very much because you have left a legacy in our hearts.

Now it is time for you to rest, to take care of yourself, and to keep enjoying sharing faith and life with all those who surround you. We love you.


We hope the ways open to your encounter,

That the sun shines upon your face,

That the rain falls softly on your fields,

That the wind blows always at your back.

We hope you keep in your heart with gratitude

The precious memory

Of Good things of life.

We hope that God’s gift grows in you

And it helps you to carry joy

To the hearts of those that you love.
We hope that your eyes reflect friendship’s brightness,

Amusing and generous as the sun,

That comes up thorugh the clouds

And warms the quiet sea.
We hope that God keeps you strong,

That God’s Eyes look at you,

That God’s Ears listen to you,

That God’s Word talks to you,

That God’s Hand protects you,

And that until we meet again,

Somebody can take care of you and us

Within the palm of his hand.



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