Heavenly Father, our Almighty and ever-living God, we praise your name and glorify you for you have caused all things to existence and have fashioned all to bear the grandeur of your love for all of humanity.

You have shown to women and men down the generations that we are the apple of Your eye and You readily treat us with mercy and undivided love. In your plan to save us all, you sent heralds and servants of Your Word to teach and inspire us to do good to one another and achieve heaven.

Thank you for sending our Foundress Ascension Nicol Goñi who worked for love of you in the many places of the continents of the world. She labored with your compassion in uplifting human dignity by embracing the realities and transforming lives by teaching women, children and men during her lifetime.

Blessed Ascension have worked in your love and in your name seeking the least of societies, the marginalized to give them a future to live with sense of purpose by loving you and empowering them to live such dignity as children of a providential and compassionate God.

We honor her, our Foundress and intercessor to continue interceding for us, who live amidst the broken world threatened by several calamities and individualistic aims of people of today. We beg her, to teach us to see the face of Jesus, Your Son in the midst of all the storms of life that we may live our call as Your children striving to live the mission of Jesus in this very world we live.

Through Blessed Ascension, we ask you to bless the mission we undertake today as Missionary Dominican Sisters of the Rosary in 22 countries. May her example of life help us so to courageous, faithful and ardent in our search for Jesus and the promise of the Beatitudes. By her intercession, bless and protect our families, relatives and friends, the lay counterparts, benefactors, volunteers and students who share and support in this commitment to you and the people. Fill us with your grace, to make of us your living instruments in spreading goodness, peace and unity in our communities and homes. All this we ask through Jesus, our Lord.


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