God’s hands are visible in the hands of so many women who care, who caress and heal wounds with tenderness.

Even in our times, the economy of care is still in the hands of women. Mothers, sisters, friends, caregivers, hired or volunteer women are present in the care of the most vulnerable, offering their knowledge, help, companionship and listening.

To show those hands of God that come at the right time, there are young women participating in the Ascension Nicole Women’s Project, led by the Missionary Dominican Sisters of the Rosary, since 2019. These women perform a series of activities in the Saint Vincent de Paul Home for the Elderly in Jinotega, a city in northern Nicaragua. Currently, there are 53 grandparents housed in this Center as they are without family and live in conditions of abandonment.

This time, we are going to talk about Mayin Liseth Olivas Aguirre and Martha Lucía Centeno Hernández, who are both nursing students. Originally, they are from rural communities in Nicaragua. Through this beautiful project they have come to this center developing a bond with the grandparents through their closeness.

Mayin and Martha visit the center at least three times a week in the morning. They spend valuable time where they accompany the hesitant steps, hold the elderly´s weak hands, invites them to look into the eyes as most are with the lost look among so many memories, of those who wait for the end of their days without the closeness of those they loved in this world.

They support care and health management activities by taking vital signs, healing, recreational activities, performing physiotherapeutic exercises under the guidance of our nursing manager.

Their contribution has been valuable since the center does not have the budget to hire sufficient personnel to care for the residents. Mayin and Martha’s active participation has strengthened the care and accompaniment of the grandparents residing in this home.

Our gratitude to God for the Congregation, and for guiding many women in their personal growth, in faith and in the professional and humanistic formation that brings God closer to those who suffer. May God continue to bless this mission.

 Eva Pineda.

Director of Saint Vincent de Paul Nursing Home in Jinotega-Nicaragua.

San Vicente de Paul Jinotega-Nicaragua.

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