The Buddhist Monastery in Fo Shan Guang was situated on top of the mountain where you can see the big Buddha on both sides, the landscape and the architectural design was so great. The place has two big monasteries, one for the female monks and the other for the male monks. They have their own schools, library, temples museum, cemetery, a big dining hall that accommodates hundreds of people. The ambiance was so peaceful that leads you to meditate and very quiet that you can feel the breeze and the crippling of the birds and the sounds of nature.

It was a privilege for us to witness the funeral of their master, the founder of the Buddhist Monastery. His teachings and writings inspire many people that many young men and women across the globe had join and become Buddhist monk up to this present time.

The memorial service was attended by thousands of people, from the President of Taiwan, National and local officials and religious sectors especially Catholic where they are good friends, our Nuncio, two Bishops, priests and we are the only sisters.

It was very solemn, orderly, a sign of respect to the master, a man of wisdom and kind heart. We only hear the sounds of chanting, gongs and bells. It was amazing.

Sr. Sonia Bagaypo


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