You transfigure the disfigured…

Let us climb the mountain with you,

our humanity 

longs to be transfigured,

embraced in its wound

illumined in its night

sheltered in its homelessness

listened to in its groaning

caressed in its limit

healed in its heartbreak

transfigured in its desolation.

May the faces disfigured

by war and hunger

be transfigured by you.

May the disfigured faces

of migrants at the borders

be illuminated by your hope.

May no face be invisible

to our gaze.

We need your light

to transform our faces

and in every face we see a brother/sister.

We need your voice to envelop us,

your restlessness to mobilize us.

Transform our hearts

to weave the threads of communion

in our small and brief existence,

and as long as our pilgrimage lasts

we hope that Love will transform to be fully illumined.


Sister Jacqueline Sothers MDR


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