“I will win, not immediately but definitely”. Indeed, with such encouragement aspiring to find God in ordinary episodes of life. The Nicol Bhavan boarding day was celebrated along with the Feast of Bl. Mother Ascension Nicol on 19th February, 2023 with the theme, ‘Udaan’.   Sr. Zita was the chief guest of the day. Jamliben, who has been rendering her service in boarding for 26 years was the guest of honor. Mr. Govind Bhai, our neighbour and well-wisher, was also the guest of honor. All the guests were welcomed and honored by Sr. Regina and Community.  We were blessed with the presence of parents, fathers, past boarders, our helpers, invited guests and sisters of the community.

The celebration began with the vibrating steps of Rathwai dance followed by guests and the sisters. Sr. Zita honored Bl. Ascension Nicol with a garland and lighted the lamp along with the other guests. The blessing of the Almighty was invoked, and all were welcomed. The hard work and love of Sr. Benita and Sr. Mary Kurian were highly appreciated to which the Nicol Bhavan Boarding owes them a lot.  All the sisters who rendered their service to this boarding as in charge were gratefully remembered. Thirty-one years are gone by and we have helped nearly 4500 girls from our boarding, and all are self-sufficient, becoming an example for others.

 The appreciation token was awarded to the girls for their hard work in study, by their behavior and in all activities. Sr. Zita expressed how hard the beginnings were!  But God was with us and thus, all was made possible. If the world is moving fast in all fields why tribal girls be behind? With this question posted, Sister Zita encouraged girls to dream high and stive for it.  The experiences of the past boarders became an encouraging force as well as made the Nicol Family bond stronger. “This is our second Home”- this emotional note marked that Our Mother Ascension has been blessing us to imitate her in our dealings. The boarders put up the cultural program which started with an awareness about ecology, importance of girl child’s education by which they can express their hopes to dreams high and fly high with the capacity to voice out the self-respect and freedom. The gist of the program was focused on the life of Bl. Ascension Nicol whereby they expressed it in a dance.

Sr. Rohini the boarding in charge gave a brief overview of the boarding activities requesting parents to collaborate and help their daughters to achieve their dream. We were blessed with the presence of President of Adivasi Ekta Samiti who donated 15 sacks of rice for boarding.  The program ended with a vote of thanks and agape. May our Mother Ascension continue to help us to create the paths and making history.

Sr. Rohini Jadav O.P.

Nicol Bhavan 

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