Easter 2023 was different from all the others that each one of us has already lived, because everything pointed us to the newness of Jesus Christ Dead and Risen, who passes through the life of these suffering people!

We thought we should give a different tone to our Easter celebration and so it happened. The children entered into a scenic space, as this year the pastoral ministry gave them a prominent place. From song and dance rehearsals, families have joined in the invitation, sending their daughters; children who have given a beautiful festive and deep festive atmosphere and color to our celebration. This opened new horizons to people who had already distanced themselves from the Church. This is another way of evangelizing families through children. After that Easter Sunday, the children no longer want to stop coming to rehearse, sing and dance; the group is growing, because the children are evangelizing not only their families, but also the other children!  That is why we are giving our boarding schoolgirls the opportunity to participate in the evangelization process with the other children.

On the other hand, we went out to the peripheries of the community to meet the most vulnerable people, who instead of joy could be experiencing loneliness. This is the case of Grandmother Maria Kanomó, who has lost almost all her children, one left alive and lives in Luanda, who does not pay attention to his mother! For this reason, we went to her house to bring her Easter joy. That, we brought things to share with her is normal, her astonishment was when a photo was taken with her, she exclaimed, “God in my house today, and taking a photo with such a disfigured old woman! ” That really touched us…. She finally started to smile a little and the party began!

We continued our walk from house to house… in the pastoral area of Zambia. It was also a beautiful experience, of meeting and sharing our vocational experiences. They also wanted to know why we professed twice? Imbued with Easter joy, we passed by many houses and the invitation was “do not pass by without leaving your blessing…” This is the word of our community, an experience of Easter joy at Boa Entrada.

To all our sisters and friends, our Easter sororal embrace.


Community of St. Thomas Aquinas

Boa Entrada


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