To better understand this great topic, it is necessary to understand the difference between empowerment and entrepreneurship. According to the UN, female empowerment consists of creating an environment that provides women with professional growth opportunities for both men and women. And female entrepreneurship is the set of businesses idealized or led by women and also includes the presence of women in leadership positions. The idea is that it becomes more and more natural to see women leaders, both in business and in politics. If entrepreneurship is not an easy activity for a man, for a woman the difficulties are even greater. But if a woman succeeds in her career, she becomes more confident, independent and has the power to decide about her own life. This independence is a way to fight against one of the problems that afflict women all over the world: domestic violence.

Women’s empowerment campaigns are being carried out in order to put an end to the prejudices that exist in companies, which still prefer men in leadership positions and thus limit the professional advancement of their female collaborators. To this end, it is essential to know and combat some challenges that impede equal opportunities and the power of women to progress in their careers, namely:


  • Bias: this is the main factor of discrimination in the workplace and the difference in opportunities in relation to men.
  • The double shifts: many women need to reconcile their personal and family responsibilities with that of their careers. Therefore, they have the home and their children’s education on the one hand, and professional work on the other. This produces an enormous overload on them.
  • Self-confidence: the FEAR and self-confidence factor is something that becomes a great challenge. However, it can be overcome with improvements in both behavioral and technical aspects of women themselves.

Woman, you are capable!  It was with this motto that the Flori Social Center offered a conference on “Women’s Entrepreneurship and Empowerment” in April, alluding to Mozambican Women’s Day, which was attended by dozens of women and men, youth and adults who assist the Center. It was exciting to witness their joy and interest. After the conference, several women shared their personal and professional experience and we found that many of them live as single-parents families and are the ones who bring up the house and the family, from the creation of small businesses.

We show the world that we are strong beings capable of contributing to the sustainable development of the country, as well as the world and our families, when we believe in ourselves and do not give up on our dreams.

Veronica Valentim Magueze

MJD Volunteer at the Flori de Mahotas Social Center

Mahotas – Mozambique

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