This was a strong challenge during the World Day of Prayer for Vocations and the locally celebrated Vocation Day with the motto “Thy will be done…”  Shared in GUADALAJARA for 5 days.

 “Giving life. The care of Jesus, the “Good Shepherd”, is a care that is born of love for the sheep. He sends us to seek, even to the point of giving life. Giving life is born of love, love for those who do not love us, love for those who hate us, selfless love for those who do not accept us. For true love expects no reward. With the full freedom that only love gives and offers. The Gospel is for everyone. Yes, we are all called to follow the example of the Good Shepherd. We are called to care for our brothers and sisters with love.

 A care that is nothing but tender love, a love taken to its most intimate, most human limits, a love in every detail, in every gesture, in every glance.  A care that must be exquisite with the weakest and the poorest, and above all with our enemies, those who seek God in the darkness of their faith. Jesus is the model.

Jesus tells us that there is no love without surrender, without giving. There is no such thing as cheap love at zero cost. We must love until we give our last energy, but without expecting reward or recognition. Jesus’ love for us led him to give himself entirely to us. The experience of feeling loved by the Good Shepherd will give us strength to love and care for our brothers and sisters.

 Remembering the care of Jesus and of so many good shepherds help us to learn to care for others.  It has been said that “caring is an art”. Let us not lack concern, zeal, good treatment, tenderness… in practice. 

We will succeed if, from the first moment, we do not expect any price from those to whom we give this sincere love. Love has patience and hope.

To love, continue loving and only to love in full not expecting anything from others, but at the price recompensed by those we love and for whom we do love.

T’was a week of receiving a gratuitous love from children and teachers.


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